Accidental Breakdown was formed in 2011 and plays a mix of reggae-influenced originals, classic reggae covers and an eclectic mix of other rock, blues, and jazz tunes. Several of the members played together in the early nineties reggae band, Homebroood.

Greg Wolfe grew up in Westport and plays bass and sings lead vocals. He also writes many of the originals. Greg was one of the original members of Homebrood and has  played with Todd and Steve for decades. His musical inspirations are Bob Marley and many other seventies reggae musicians, such as Toots, Third World, Steel Pulse, Jimmy Cliff, UB 40, Black Uhuru and others.

Todd Cummings , drummer, grew up in the same Saugatuck shores neighborhood with Greg and they have played together from an early age. Todd played in bands in high school and college and several bands in more recent years, including the blues & southern rock band Dirty Rice, the indy Woodland Hills Band and the Mile Marker 22 jazz ensemble.

Steve DeMott is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Darien, CT. Steve is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music and works as an arranger, recording engineer, session guitarist, and performer. He has recorded many of his own compositions.

John “JT” Tavarnesi  brings incredible musicianship and professionalism to the act with his horn lines and ripping  solos , his tasty flute playing , and vocals as well. But his running commentary of jokes and one-liners at the mic keep everyone laughing and having a good time.

Tim Geaney has played keyboard with the group since it was founded in 2011, after a chance meeting with Greg at a neighborhood party. Tim brings a blues, r&b and jazz influence to AB’s sound. Tim was previously a member of Acoustic Wilton and also plays with Todd in Dirty Rice.

In 2013 we added the missing element we didn’t even know was missing until we found it—Todd Zegras on congas, percussion and vocals.  Zeegs  adds  a fantastic groove and vibe to the AB sound, not to mention his full throttle party spirit!

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